Friday, March 25, 2016


Hello, there!
And welcome to my blog Light&Dark.
Not so long ago I opened a blog called Magiverse where I wanted to write and review all about my favorite things: reading, writing, watching TV shows, movies and anime... 

But I decided to split it into two blogs. One blog, this blog, will be about TV shows, movies, anime and such... and the other blog, Magiverse, shall be about books (book reviews, anticipated books, and everything about books. I'm an addicted reader, so be warned) and writing (I also love writing stories).
I wrote a little bit about myself in the introduction section on Magiverse but I'll add some more information here.
Here we go then:
Hey, fellows, my name is Zoey River. As of 2016 I'm 18 years old.
I love-love-love reading books (honestly, one needs a better word than love when it comes to loving reading books... it just doesn't cover it), I love writing stories (especially fantasy stories) and I aspire to be an author. Music is another passion of mine.
I'll finish by listing a few of the shows I loved\Love\Follow (but there are always ones I'll probably miss or haven't watched yet, of course):
Scorpion, the blacklist, Lucifer, Castle, How to get away with murder, Once upon a time, Agents of shield, stitchers, finding carter, Izombie, the flash, Arrow, The vampire diaries, Da vinci's demons, the 100, Game of thrones, dark matter, unreal, sense8, Sherlock, Jessica Jones, Doctor who (an all times favorite), the shannara chronicles, Into the badlands, Reign, Nikita, Merlin...
One more thing: I also love watching anime. I know it's not some people thing and some find it really weird but It's important to be honest about what you love... so I believe.
Oh, and I forgot to mention why I chose this particular name for the blog.
Well, with the first blog (Magiverse) it wasn't very hard to come up with a name. I know, not the most original but I love fantasy, I love everything to do with magic and magical worlds so... Magic and Universe turned out to be Magiverse. With this blog, I had a harder time to come up with a name. What do you name a blog about TV shows and movies and such? That will also sound interesting and will be related to the theme of the shows I usually watch?
So I though: what do they all have in common - those shows and movies and anime I love to watch? action, fantasy, adventure, a battle between good and evil. Good and Evil turned up in my head to Light and Dark. I'm always a fan when it comes to battles and uncertainty between the aspects of what's good and what's evil.
About why my blog is technically called in its link Lux and Nox... well, funny story: I literally tried every possible combination of Light and Dark and they were all unavailable. I had to take drastic measures and try it in a different language that wouldn't sound totally weird. And in Latin... Lux and Nox means Light and Night. Latin always sounded interesting to me and I think it turned out pretty good.
And this is the story of how my blogs came to be.

Two steps from hell - Victory  

Good will always win. It doesn't mean that good will never suffer, never have to sacrifice, that good will never be brought down again and again. But Good will always stand right back up. It'll always fight Evil. You know why? Because good never gives up, no matter what Evil does. Good will always prevail. That's what makes it good. 
          --- Zoey River (from a story I'm currently writing). 

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