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Quantico - Season 1 Review

*Important: the first part of the review it spoiler free, the second part is full spoilers*

Quantico - Season 1 review 

How would I describe Quantico
I would say it's somewhat of a mashup between How to get away with murder (a.k.a HTGAWM) and The Blacklist season 3.
Though it's darker than HTGAWM and more awesome than The Blacklist, but if you enjoyed even one of those shows... definitely check Quantico out.
And if you don't know any of those shows, then: Do you love mystery, intrigue, twists at every turn, action and even romance is thrown into the mix?
If the answer is yes, definitely check Quantico out. 

The whole time, the show jumps back and forth between the past and present.
In the past, Alex is an extremely promising trainee at the FBI academy. In the present, Alex is framed for a bombing she did not commit. She is on the run as she's trying to clear her name, find out who the real terrorist is and get her old team from Quantico back on her side.
Mysteries are revealed, secrets are unraveled. And the biggest question of all: Who is the real threat? 

*Full Review (with spoilers)*

It's hard to organize my thoughts.
I only finished Quantico a few days ago but I'm still reeling.
This show was full of revaluations and twists. And that ending... it hit me. Hard.
I'll go right to it, then. The Ending. And work my way from there. 

Oh, that's clever! Making us think it was Drew, then making us think it was Miranda and basically making us suspect every recruit when all along... it was Liam. I can't say I was: "OMG! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" over this, or that it was the greatest plot twist ever but I certainly was surprised. All this time, we were led to believe it was a trainee, someone from Alex's class... which is why we never even considered the possibility it might be Liam.
"The voice", "The terrorist", is no other than Liam.
I had no idea the guy was a freaking psychopath. The length he went through for his plan! He killed hundred of innocent people. He killed Natalie. He killed the hacker who helped Alex and the bomb maker who helped Simon. He even pretended he was drunk and slept with Alex for the final touches of his plan. And then he framed it all on Alex. With no remorse whatsoever.
He was following their every move. And they had no idea. That's how he always stayed 7 steps ahead of them - he knew them. Their secrets, their dreams, their weaknesses. He knew everything.
He planned everything. Every single step was methodical and exact.
Yeah, he's defiantly a psychopath.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh my god, NO. Simon, oh Simon. No. Just... no. This is too much. Too sad.
Simon became one of my most favourite characters on the show (second only to Alex). From nerdy and slightly awkward to creepy and a bit scary, he became a loyal friend who, at the end of the day, always had Alex's back. Even when her own friends were against her, Alex could always count on Simon. And before I knew it, I started to count on him too.
And now... I can't believe he's gone. I just can't believe it.
I had a feeling, a horrible feeling, that something like this might happen. That Simon was going to die. But I didn't want to believe it. Out of everyone... no, no, no, no, no.
That scene, when they with him on the phone, and they were all just breaking down... I was breaking down with them. I replayed that scene five times because I just could not accept it.
Heartbreaking. Heart-wrenching. So sad. 

"I didn't spend more time with you."
"We're all still here."
"I'm always with you."
"Thank you, Simon."
"Simon, we love you."
"I see you."


And before I start crying and demand Simon's return to the show, I'll list some random stuff to calm myself. 

  • I really like Alex. She's a clever, resourceful and brave woman. And she doesn't give up. No matter what. She would go through fire to reveal the truth and get justice for everyone, even if it burns her. The whole world is literally against her yet she doesn't crumble - she fights back with everything she's got.
  • All that mistrust - Grrr!
    I mean, what the hell?! Why is everything Alex does\says\believes in is somehow wrong and considered insane? (Especially after everything she's been through). Why can't they just believe in her for once? Yes, I'm talking to you, Ryan. You call yourself in love with her but when push comes to shove it's: "Alex is obviously insane and needs to be put into a mental hospital." And not: "I love her. Even if what she says sounds crazy, I need to help her figure this out. Because she's important to me."
    Hasn't she proven right so many times in the past? And when she finally does do what you want her to do - it's somehow still not good enough?
    Sorry, but you're her friends, right?
    I just don't get it.
  • This show keeps you guessing at every turn! It's nerve-wracking in the best-exciting kind of way.
  • I love how the group slowly gets together and learns to trust each other again. I love how they joined team Alex one by one.
  • Alex breakdown scene after Natalie died - It tore at my heart.
  • I love Alex and Simon's friendship. Their bond is strong, maybe more than any other on the team. And when he... when he... was gone, Alex's reaction was so heartbreaking.
  • "I prefer to spend the rest of my life in jail than to turn my back on a friend in need." - That kind of thing takes guts, Reina. It's something not even good people will be brave enough to do. Her belief and trust in Alex was exactly what I was looking for in the others (and though they did come around eventually, I still don't entirely forgive them).
  • How is Quantico similar to how to get away with murder?
    The whole mystery of "what happened?" "who did it?", switching from the past to present and leaving sinister hints we need to figure out as we go along. Also, they both revolve around a group of Young people who get into law to do good but instead find themselves in hellish troubles.
    But every show stands on its own, and I love watching both for different reasons. Plus, HTGAWM is so much darker.
  • How is Quantico similar to The Blacklist?
    In season 3, Liz had to go on the run after being framed for something she did not commit, while her team (her friends) had to hunt her down. No one believed in her or trusted her, and the people responsible tried everything in their power to bury her. Which is basically what Alex went through throughout the season.
    If you enjoyed Quantico chances are you'll enjoy The Blacklist and HTGAWM too, and vise Versa. 

It's time for couples talk!
In every show I watch, in every book I read, I have a tendency to ship. I just can't help myself. Quantico isn't an overly romantic show but there's romance there.
That being said, I'm still not as invested in the couples as I would like to be.
There are Ryan & Alex, which... I still don't know what to think of. Sorry, but I haven't fully forgiven Ryan for the whole "trying to bring Alex down" escapade.
There are Shelby & Caleb, which are... I don't know. It seems they reconciled at the end but it's unsure whether they're back together. I didn't like Caleb in the beginning but I do like him now. He came a long way. It's Shelby I can't trust. That girl has a tendency of hating people for long periods of time.
And then there are-were Reina & you-know-who. (sheesh, in my inability to say his name I turned him into Voldemort).

Who do you ship, then? Or are you, like me, still unsure on the matter? 

"Alex, if you do anything stupid..."
"Let's save the world and you can lecture me later."

I was so glad they gave us some happiness and lightness after S-Si (nope, can't say it). After everything they've been through, those few happy moments were long overdue.
I just hope Alex won't be the main suspect again on the next season. It may be more exiting this way, but that girl has been accused and on the run twice in the span of one season - she deserves some time off from being the main suspect.

I'm so-very looking forward to season 2.
First FBI, now it's CIA.
It seems like you're on to the next step, Alex.
I wonder how it's going to be like. Will it have the same going back and forth between the past and the present? Will there be a CIA academy? We'd better have Alex's old team back (minus one *sob-sob*).
The CIA, huh?
Let's see how it's going to turn out this time around...

                                                 Natasha Blume - Journey

"Revenge is the act of passion, vengeance is the act of justice." 
 -- Grimm (TV show)  

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The TV shows Tag

The totally should have book tag I did on magiverse was real fun, and so I decided to do a TV shows tag as well :D
I took the questions in this tag from a blog I found (which I'll be linking down below) with a few alterations of my own.
What are we waiting for, then?
Let's do this thing! 

*Best TV pilot*

There were so many amazing TV pilots, but the most recent and memorable one is definitely Lucifer's pilot.
I did not want it to end. It was one of the best TV shows openings ever. It had everything! An awesome fantasy element, hilarious every few second and an amazing cast of characters.
Seriously, this pilot will get you hooked and swept in right away.
And that accent... never thought I would be the type to swoon over an accent but darn it: *swoon*. 

*Worst TV pilot*

The one that's burned into my memory right now is Legends of tomorrow.
I was so excited for this show. A spin off of The Flash and Arrow? Count me in!
But the pilot... just didn't do it for me. It was, dare I say it, almost boring. I couldn't get into it. The pilot, despite the setting of the world, wasn't very interesting and didn't hook me in or made me want to keep watching.
I know those kind of shows tend to get better as they go along, so I haven't completely given up on the show. The pilot, though... was not so great. 

*Epic series finale*

The original question was 'best series finale' but most of my shows have not yet ended, and there is also a great difference between great and epic.
So anyways, the most epic finale is, no doubt: Merlin.
If you have yet to watch Merlin... well, Merlin is one of the best TV shows EVER. 

*Worst TV shows*

Heroes reborn and Shadowhunters.

Shadohunters: It's not much of a surprise I strongly disliked shadowhunters, as a fan of the books. I never expected to love the movie or the TV show - I know nothing will ever be as good as the books for me - but hating it? I never thought it would be that bad. Both the movie and the TV show were just... *shudders*. The movie was more like a slow paced romantic-drama and the TV show? Let's see... there was insta-love (I hate insta-love), there were two people who call themselves Clary and Jace who did not resemble the real Clary and Jace 
at all; Clary was not the least bit spunky or sarcastic and Jace was extremely serious, which is probably the most shocking thing because the real Jace is almost never serious. There was the whole technology thing in the institute (don't even let me get started on this one), and why is the world did they feel like dressing Isabel in all those way too revealing outfits? The actress who plays Isable is beautiful and I believe also one of the best casting on the show (along with Simon and Alec)... she would have looked amazing in what book-Isabel does and wears. 
I knew things were going from bad to frightening when I started shipping Alec and Clary. Yep, you heard me. TV shows Alec and Clary had way more chemistry than the non-exsistent one of TV show Clary and Jace.
TV show Alec was funny, sarcastic and kickass. In other words, he was everything TV show Jace was supposed to be.

Heroes reborn: Wow, I can't believe they managed to not only destroy Heroes reborn but also the original heroes with this spin-off. But bravo, that's exactly what they did. Most of the new characters were unrelatable and the show basically ruined the lives of the old cast.

*Favorite TV actress\actor*

The cast of TVD (the vampire diaries) and the originals is just plain amazing. They are all some of the best actresses and actors I've seen. Boy, do they know how to act.
Nine Dobrev is one of those fantastic actresses. Some of her best performances: Playing multiple doppelganger, each with their own personality, the scene of her breaking down and burning the house was gut-wrenching. No matter how many times I watch it, my heart clenches and my eyes water.
Another favorite scene: season 4 finale - Damon & Elena "I'm not sorry" speech.   

*A TV show that totally should have not been canceled*

Terra Nova.
One of the best TV shows ever made. It only has one season with 13 episodes and even though it was canceled, it's worth watching every single episode. It's such a unique and fantastic show. I was so frustrated when they canceled it. I heard it was because it was way too expensive. Whatever the case may be, ever since then I've never seen a show like this one. I really hope they'll do a remake\continue it or at least make another show like it someday. 

*Favorite MC couples*

Hello everyone, my name is Zoey and I'm a shipper.
Thought I should mention it in passing, you know...
My favorite ships? Hmm... Let's see...
So there is Delena (Damon & Elena) - LOVE this couple. They are forever and ever and ever.
There is Olicity (Oliver & Felicity) - those two are so good and cute together. Yet Felicity is being so annoyingly stubborn lately (Grr!) and it's a real frustration on the show right now between the two of them.
Emma & Hook (which I believe are called captain swan (?) ) - I love this couple. I was rooting for them but never knew if they'll really be a thing and when they did... I was so happy. They are beautiful together.
Sky & Ward - Oh yes, those tow... I was rooting and rooting and rooting for them so badly and when they finally happened (in such a swoon worthy moment), I was ecstatic! And then - and this is a big then - the showrunners decided, for no apparent reason, to ruin all that. And they are still ruining this ship to this day. The end.
Bellarke (Bellamy & Clarck) - same thing as with Sky & Ward. I was rooting and rooting and rooting and then... the showrunners... *sigh*. Don't prevails, though - there is hope to them yet. It's Sky & Ward that are pretty much doomed by now.
I have so many more ships but It'll take a whole new post for all of them (perhaps I would do one sometime). 

*Favorite SC couple*

My right now favorite secondary characters couple is Kolvina (Kol & Devina from the originals). I love them so much. They are so sweet and cute and innocent (yeah, maybe not the last one, considering they both killed people and all, but when they're together... It feels so innocent). Their devotion and love for each other, their chemistry and connection... they're meant to be.
I'm shipping them, no matter what. 

*TV crush*

We all had - and still have - those, haven't we? ;)
I'm a book addict, which means I have book boyfriends (Ha! who needs real people when I have awesome fictional ones? Not me, that's for sure). But even I, a loyal book reader, am not immune to real life TV characters from time to time. 

*Favorite shows of all time*

Doctor who.
Three of the most EPIC shows EVER.

*A show I regret watching*

I never regret a book I read of a show I watched. I can be sad or mad about it but never regret it.

*Favorite animated show*

Avatar the last airbender.
If you're in my blog for a while, you probably know I'm also a big anime fan. Avatar the last airbender it technically an animation (there is indeed a huge difference between anime and animation) but it's so much better than your regular animation. First things first, it doesn't have that weird style animations usually have. I actually thought it was an anime until I checked it out.
Avatar the last airbender has some of the best\funniest moments. I've LOL(ed) so hard so many times (!).
I highly recommend you to check this out (especially if you're into anime). 

*Character whose wardrobe I'd most like to steal*

Mary Queen of scots (from Reign). I mean, just look at those dresses, guys!
I'm usually immune to fashion (a side effect of being a bookworm, and I won't change that for anything in the world), but there is fashion and then there is what Mary wears.
I could honestly have watched that show just for the wardrobe (Luckily, the show was even more interesting than the wardrobe, so there was no problem in that department).
Only problem is: even if I got my hands on this wardrobe, it's not exactly something you can waltz in the 21st century with. Darn it.
A time machine, anyone?

*A show I'd most like to be in its world*

That's a tough one.
The kind of shows I watch... people tend to get killed. A lot.
Okay, I know which one! Doctor who. Definitely Doctor who!
I've always dreamed of being the doctor's companion :D
Then again, I also always dreamed of getting a letter from Hogwarts and that never happened.
That moment when you find out fictional things will never happen to you...

This is the blog I took this tag from (with a few alterations of my own).
And that concludes my TV shows tag (:
I had great time writing it. I hope you had great time reading it.
I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

**I'm having a book giveaway on my other blog Magiverse. Enter for your chance to win!** 

I'll see you in my next post... 

                                   Avril Lavigne ft. Chad Kroeger - Let me go

"You want to know something weird? Every time you pick up your sword, I get the feeling you're going to attack me with it."
He laughed. "this 
is weird, because every time I pick up my sword, I have this urge to attack you with it."
         -- Zoey River (from a story I'm working on) 

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The 'Killing off main female protagonists' trend

*If you aren't up to date with the TV shows Castle (are watching season 8), The Vampire Diaries (watched season 6) and The Blacklist (watched season 3 episodes 17&18), don't go ahead. I'm going to talk about MAJOR spoilers.

              Elena Gilbert                        Elizabeth (Liz) Keen                 Kate Beckett 

The 'Killing off main female protagonists' trend is a very real trend, my friends, and so far three of the shows I love and follow have been hit. 

Strike number 1: Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries has gone out 'sleeping beauty style' and has been put into a magical coma because Nina (the actress who plays Elena) won't be returning to the show. And Instead of giving us the much needed Delena HEA we're all dying for, they decided to continue on with the show without our protagonist, our main character, the one the story follows

Strike number 2: They've killed off Elizabeth (Liz) Keen from The Blacklist, and we have no idea whether she'll be coming back or not. She literally died. I wrote a very frantic review about it with my theories and thoughts here. I only watched those episodes yesterday. I'm still reeling. 

Strike number 3: you do know what they say about strike number 3.
The TV shows castle has not yet been renewed for a 9th season, but if it will, it has been confirmed the female protagonist Kate Beckett and castle's wife will not be returning for the 9th season. Apparently, they're releasing Stana Katic (the actress who plays Kate Beckett) from the show and not renewing her contract. On their own free will. It's not even the actress who have asked, it's the show that decided it.
"Kate Beckett has been a beloved character on our hit series castle for the past 8 years. We're grateful for Stana Katic's talent and dedication to the series and we hope to continue our relationship," ABC said in a statement to Deadline.
Beloved character? she's much more than that. She's as much of the main character as Castle. It's like you're killing off Castle. And what about Castle? after 8 seasons of Beckett you expect him to... what, somehow move on without her? 

Can someone tell me what in the world is going on in the TV shows world lately?
I still hold out to hope Liz and Elena will come back eventually but until then... I can hardly bring myself to watch the shows without them there. I try, but it's too weird and sad with them gone. 

What do you think about this new trend that seems to be picking up lately? Do you know any other shows that have been hit by it?
I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

"So I'm gonna die? Is that what you're trying to tell me? Because I've done this once or twice before and it's not all that fun." 
 -- Bonnie Bennett, The Vampire Diaries.

Then again, maybe I don't all that much regret that the vampire diaries is on-going without Elena. The Vampire Diaries has some the best conversations, sarcasm and beautiful moments ever. Plus, Damon is still there. I LOVE Damon. *swoon*.        

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The Blacklist - Season 3 episodes 17&18 Review

*If you haven't watched episodes 17&18 of the blacklist season 3, don't read ahead. I'm going to talk about major spoilers. 

The Blacklist - Season 3 episodes 17&18 Review

What. The. Hell.
What did I just watch? Because I can't seem to make any sense of it.
I'm in shock. And denial. I can't believe what I just saw happening.
Liz is dead. 
Nope, can't be. Not possible. There are two main-important characters on this show that you just can't kill off: Red and Liz. Of course I'll be upset if one of the other main characters died but there are characters you simply... can't kill. It makes no sense. The show will never-ever be the same without them.
And Liz is that kind of character. It's not the blacklist anymore without Liz. It can't be.
I'm still reeling.
And I couldn't find anything online to weather Liz will be back or if she's gone for good.
If it was a fantasy show or a science fiction show and the main character was killed, I wouldn't have believed it for a second. There is always a way to bring them back in those kind of shows.
But it's a real life (sort of) crime-drama show we're talking about here. No magic. No science fiction technology. 
Everyone has a theory about weather Liz is alive and if so how. For the moment, I don't believe she's dead. Not only does it makes no sense at all but also because I've been watching the blacklist for 3 seasons now. 3 seasons are enough to know what kind of show the blacklist is. And it's not the kind of show to kill off Liz like that.
Liz almost died I don't know how many times on the show. Raymond also almost died, and even actually died briefly, millions of times. We thought Cooper was going to die but he's alive and well. Tom escaped death as well. And Ressler almost died to. Yet none of them actually died.
So now, I don't believe Liz is dead. Even though it looks like she really is.
I think the doctor was able to revive her. When her heart stopped and the monitor showed the flat line, there was a quick moment there when we got back to the monitor and it showed a slight jump.
Maybe they gave her something to make her appear dead so she can fake her death and hide from whoever it is that's looking for her.
Then again, Liz will never agree to leave her child and almost husband willingly. Which I think means she's going to be in a coma for a while. It was their intention to bring her into a coma in the first place.
That's the only non-magical and non-sci-fy explanation I could come up with to how Liz may still be alive.
I refuse to believe she's dead until enough time has passed and there really aren't any clues.
That being said, I won't be watching the blacklist for a while. Without Liz there it's pointless. And everyone is grieving and it's going to be so sad.
When we'll know for sure weather Liz will come back or not, if she comes back... I'll be coming back too. If not... well, goodbye the blacklist. It wouldn't be possible for me to watch the show this way.
There is also still the matter of Liz\Red relationship. I can't believe they'll kill Liz without her ever knowing the truth. After all that time she was looking for it, after all the clues and speculations... if we find out the truth about who Red is to her without her being there, it won't be the same. Not by a long shot. If you're going to kill someone, at least let them know the truth about what they were looking for.
One more reason for Liz to be alive. 

I realize I haven't really talked about anything but the crazy finale of those last 2 episodes. It's the only thing I can think about right now. It was insane. I literally just finished watching those two episodes and I just had to write it out.Whenever you read a book or watch a good episode (or an insane one, in this case), you feel like you're going to explode without raving and fangirling all about it.
Through writing is my way of letting it all out. To share my thoughts, hysterically rave all about it and see what other people think.
I'd love to hear your thoughts and theories about what (the hell) just went down! 

                                                   Lukas Graham - 7 years   

"Everything has to come to an end, sometime." 
         -- L. Frank Baum.   

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Most anticipated movies of 2016

I decided to go ahead and do a most anticipated movies of 2016 post.
Let's start then, shall we? ;) 

Captain America: Civil War
In cinema: April 28, 2016

Captain America Vs. Iron man
a.k.a Steve Rogers Vs. Tony Stark
How the mighty have fallen. They are fighting each other? really? As if they don't have enough problems without them starting a civil war.
In my opinion, the marvel movies are better than the marvel TV shows. Weird that I say that considering I usually love TV shows more than movies but that's how it seems for me.
The Captain America movies are my favourite. They were so good. Which is why I'm really looking forward to this one.
The Thor movies were also very good. The Iron men movies were enjoyable but not as much as the captain America movies or the Thor movies (for me).
The first avengers movie was very good but the second one went down for me.
I also loved the guardians of the galaxy movies (very fun!). I didn't like Antman (sorry, but nope. It really didn't work for me). I very enjoyed the first spider-men movie but the second one also went down for me.
I've watched most of the Marvell's movies and very-very much enjoyed them. My favourite are the captain America movies so far.
I'm very excited for Civil War.
Do me a favour captain America and Iron man, and work things out without killing each other, okay?   

X-men: Apocalypse
In cinema: May 18, 2016

The best X-men movie? days of future past.
That movie was amazing. There wasn't an x-men movie I didn't like so far but that one really blew me away. Which is why I'm so excited for X-men: Apocalypse and hoping it'll be as good (or better) as the last one.
very excited! can't wait for this one!   

Now You See Me 2
In cinema: June 9, 2016

Now You See Me the first movie was absolutely fantastic. You have no idea what's going on and when everything is revealed... let me tell you, it's just so cool!
When I saw there was going to be a second movie I was ecstatic.
I already can't wait for Now You See Me (a.k.a NYSM) 2. 

Star Trek: Beyond
In cinema: July 7, 2016

I'm super exited for star trek beyond. super-excited.
I have to admit: I'm rather knew to the whole star trek world. I've heard all about star trek and star wars (I mean, who hasn't? even those who haven't watched any of it) but I only got to it last year.
better late than never, no?
So I fell immediately for this after watching the first movie and the second movie one after the other. And that's how now I'm super excited for the third movie.  

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
In cinema: September 30, 2016

Based on the bestseller novel Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (yeah, it's one hell of a name) by Ransom Riggs, here comes the movie adaptation.
First things first: I've read the first book in the trilogy and enjoyed it. Not enough to move on to the second book but maybe I'll go back to this trilogy one day.
The thing about books movie's adaptations... as a reader, you're always both dreading and secretly excited for the movie. Mostly dreading - especially if it's a book you love and if you already had but expirience with movies based on books - but for some reason you're always secretly excited. You can't help yourself.
I've noticed I usually enjoy movies based on books I didn't particularly liked or didn't like at all. With books I love? I can't remember when I wasn't let down or fuming over how they've ruined the book.
It's not their fault, really... I love the book too much. There is really nothing they can do that will satisfy me as the book did.
Again with that word 'love'... It's the strongest word I know for expressing this kind of feeling but it just doesn't feel enough. There are certain things you more than just love. they fill your soul with such joy... it's like, they will always and forever be a part of you.
But I'm getting off topic here.
The movie: I've seen the trailer (of course) and it looks really good. They changed things (you can already see that) but I'm still really looking forward to it. 

And those are my most anticipated movies of 2016.
I may be adding a few more over time so stay tuned. 

"Every fairy tale needs a good old fashioned villain." 
           -- Sherlock (TV show) 


Thursday, April 7, 2016

My favourite Anime

Hello, and welcome to my favorite anime post.
This post is about... well, my favorite anime shows.
I know that many people aren't drawn to this sort of thing (anime) but there are also many people who do.
I love watching anime... it doesn't feel strange or weird to me. It's much (much) different from animation. They are really not one and the same. At all.
I've been watching anime for 6 years now (ever since I was 12). I watched some anime shows when I was little (like cardcaptor Sakura) but I didn't know they were anime at the time. not until much later.
I love anime as much as I love watching TV shows.
So here you have it. welcome to my favorite Anime post (hope you enjoy!). 

*In case of any occasional spoilers I'll be sure to mark them but most of this review will be spoiler free, so not to worry about being spoilered* 

Sword Art Online (a.k.a SAO)

Science fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Monsters, Sword fighting, Adventures, Fun times, sad times... this show has it ALL.
From the moment I started it I knew It was the anime for me.
Everything was combined together in the most perfect way.
I've watched it so many times and every time feels like the second time. It's just so... GOOD.
If you're an anime fan and haven't watched it yet - GO WATCH IT. And even if you're not an anime fan and simply want to try out something you never tried before or want to watch an anime for the first time but don't know where to start... start with this one. Unless you're not a fan of Fantasy or science fiction. If not, there are many other anime I'll be listing down below that may be your thing. If you are a fan of those things though, SAO is the perfect anime to start with.    
Sword Art Online has 2 seasons out so far (each season with 25 episodes) (Note for beginners in anime: anime episodes are about 22-25 minutes long, but when you watch, it never feels short).
A season 3 hasn't been confirmed yet but it seems to be happening, unsure yet when. The problem with anime? unlike with TV shows, when you basically know immediately if it has been renewed and if so when, with anime... you don't even know if there will be a next season. And even if there will be, you can never know when. It could be in a few months, in a year, in 2 years and even more (That's the only downside).
What has been confirmed though is an SAO movie that will be coming out in 2017 (wow, thanks, people who're producing the anime... 2017 is only, oh, forever from now).

Fairy Tail

An Epic anime. It's the kind of anime you always have good times watching. It's still on-going so every few weeks I do a Marathon of a few episodes. It's the kind of anime that seems to be on-going forever... It's nice to know it'll never end. Well, of course it will end sometime but sometime can be a long time from now. Just look at the anime Naruto; I remember seeing it on TV when I was about 7 or 8. It's 10 years later and it's still on-going.
Back to fairy tail: Fairy tail has a big cast of characters. I love them all. I would say Lucie and Natsu are the most MC but every character gets their story told and their own time to shine.
The number of episodes of Fairy Tail would probably be overwhelming so I won't recommend starting with this anime If you're not all the way into the anime world.
I actually never get overwhelmed by the number of episodes in an anime\show. The opposite, actually. If the anime\the show is good... I would like there to be as many episodes as possible.
But I can understand why so many episodes can make people cringe and give up before trying.
Fairy Tail has 8 seasons (with season 8 currently airing). overall, Fairy tail has 265 episodes in seasons 1-7. 
There is also a movie and 6 OVAs out, with 3 more OVAs coming out this year.
so... my recommendation? If you're new to the whole 'anime watching' thing, you might want to wait until you're more acquainted with it. If you're not and you're looking for a good anime to watch, something fun that will keep you entertained... give Fairy Tail a try. my only warning: You'll probably have to get past the few first episodes before really getting into it.
And now for my ships? (If you consider ships a spoiler then skip this part to the next anime):
Grey and Juvia (!)
Lucy and Natsu (I didn't ship them in the beginning but now...? well, now it just seems right).
Levi and Gagil (so cute!)
Erza and Jellal (forever and ever!) 

Steins Gate

This anime is weird, strange, confusing at first...
And I love it so much!
Yeah, I have to admit, after watching the first episode I was like: huh? what did I just watch?
I'm so glad I didn't give up on it and went to watch something else, because this show BLEW ME AWAY With how deep it was, with how beautiful, complicated and clever.
It's the kind of anime that will leave you gasping in surprise because you did not expect it to be like this.
Trust me on this and go watch it. 

There are 24 episodes out, a movie (that takes place after the episodes), an OVA (takes place after the movie) and 4 ONAs (very-very short episodes). About a season 2: A season 2 has been confirmed (unsure when, though) and it'll be called: Steins Gate 0. A 10 minutes long prequel to Steins Gate 0 (called 23 beta) already came out. 

Kamisama Hajimemashita

A light, fun, entertaining anime. Romantic-Fantasy-Comedy. If you're looking for a light and fun romance that also has fantasy in it... this is the anime for you. I enjoyed watching it so much. I'm pretty sure I re-watched it 3 times already.
Watch the first episode and you'll know what I mean.
It's also a good anime for beginners to watch. It's very comical, though, so if you like the more serious type of shows... It might not be for you. But this anime has it's serious moments as well. I love a good combination of comedy and seriousness.
Anyhow, Kmisama Hajimemeshita (that's a complicated name to write, huh?) has 2 seasons so far. Season 1 consists of 13 episodes and season 2 of 12 episodes. There is also an OVA that takes place after season 1 + 4 OAD that takes place after season 2 (at the moment only 2 are out).
It has yet to be renewed for a third season but it's not surprising considering it has been 2 years between season 1 to season 2. I do hope they'll renew this show. 


For a romance-comedy anime, this show has one of the best mysteries I've seen in an anime. It's the kind of mystery that just gets more and more complicated, more and more intruging.
If you're looking for a fun anime with an interesting aspect of mystery to it, you should definitely try this one out. I really enjoyed it. There were moments so hilarious I just laughed out loud.
The first season has 20 episodes + 3 OVAs and the second season has 12 episodes + 1 OVA. The anime has yet to be renewed for a third season but the mystery is not solved yet so I hope we'll see the third season soon enough. 

Owari No Seraph

A great fantasy show.
It's not too heavy and not too light. It has just the right amount between the two.
The story takes place in a world that has been conquered by vampires. Humans live in settlements and are trying to survive. There is one big organization of human rebels that fight vampires and try to free the world from them. Yuu, the MC, has joined that organization after seeing his entire family get slaughtered by a vampire.
This is a story about battles, the strength of humanity, love and friendship and bonds stronger than anything.
There are 2 seasons (each season with 12 episodes). There is no information about a season 3. I'm hoping for a season 3 to be announced soon. 

No Game No Life

This anime... this anime is perfection.
Loved-loved-loved it.
The bond and dynamics between the siblings, the games, the competitions, the awesomeness of it all (!).
Everything about this anime was just so good.
If you're looking for a fun fantasy anime that will blow your mind - go watch No game No life. You won't regret it.
The anime has one season of 12 episodes and has yet to be renewed for a season 2. While I'm desperately hoping for season 2, I'll be re-watching this anime.
Right now I'm addicted to the opening song (No Game No Life OP). If Japanese songs aren't you thing then it makes sense if you won't like it (songs in other languages aren't everyone's thing). But if you do like it... I'm glad. 

K Project

Oh this anime is something else.
Pure fantasy, an original anime (not based on a manga or a light novel). The relationship between all those characters is complex and beautiful, the fantasy aspect is something I haven't seen before and the MC (the one in the middle of the picture) is very likeable and totally not what he seems.
Anna, Misaki, Fushimi, Shiro, Neko, Kuroh... they are all so amazing.
This show is not very suitable for beginners in anime, I have to say.
K Project has 2 seasons (each with 13 episodes) and a movie that takes place after season 1. Because of the ending of season 2 that was rather closed, I'm not sure if there is going to be a season 3. And there is currently no information about it either. I'm still hoping for one. 

Rokka No Yuusha

Remember, above, how I said Nisekoi has one of the best mysteries I've seen in anime? then this anime has the best mystery I've seen.
I changed my mind about what's going on every episode. everyone (except one) is a suspect and you have no idea who. On top of that, all of the characters are the only people who can save the world from the demons and they are trapped somewhere with a great mystery. They have to solve in quickly or all will be lost. But how can you solve something If you can't trust anyone beside you?
Fantasy, Mystery, slow build romance, action, a protagonist that doesn't know what's to 'give up'.
The first season has 12 episodes. The anime has not yet been renewed for a second season.

Akagami No Shirayukihime 

The anime version for a snow white retelling.
Shirayuki (snow white) has a very unique hair - Red hair. She's apparently the only one with that hair color in all the kingdoms. It makes her both special and hunted.
There is a brave and charming prince, some apples involved and a strong willed and strong headed snow white.
I love Shirayuki. She seems like your regular damsel in distress but while she's a damsel, she's not distressed or waiting for prince charming to save her. She's smart and strong willed.
Not to mention the romance is so sweet and beautiful.
There are 2 seasons (each with 12 episodes) + an OVA (that takes place after season 1).
There are no news about a possible 3rd season at the moment. 

Inou Battle Wa Nichijou No Naka De

Awesomeness, High school students developing sudden special powers, Humor, battles (both serious and fun alike), romance here and there... what more can a person ask for?
I marked this anime as 'awesome' because there really isn't another way to describe it.
It's really good and fun and I enjoyed it very much. Already re-watched it 2 times.
There is one season with 12 episodes. I'm really hoping for a second season but there aren't any news about it so far. 

                                                      Yumeiro Patissiere

Cute, light, sweet... this anime follows a girl named Ichigo who has an exceptional taste when it comes to food and sweets. In the beginning of the story she transfers to a school for young Patisseries by the recommendation of a mysterious person she met in a buffet.
But even with her talent of knowing sweets, Ichigo needs to go through many hardships before she can fulfill her dream.
This is a fantasy-romance-fun anime. I re-watched it so many times I can't even remember how many. You need to go through the first few episodes to really get into it and it's worth it. I love this anime immensly.
The first season consists of 50 episodes (I know, it sounds a lot, but when it was over I just wanted more) and the second season (called Yumeiro Patissiere Professional) has 13 episodes.
This anime most likely won't have a third season (but I'm still hoping for one someday).

Ryuugajou Nanana No Maizoukin

I very-very-very much enjoyed this one!
Magical items, Mystery and adventure, treasure hunt, a ghost who loves pudding, an apiaring detective, a special club, some bad guys and a protagonist who is more than he seems.
A fun adventure with all kinds of interesting characters that will leave you wanting more.
There is only one season with 11 episodes and no knews about a second season.
Such a great anime - highly reccomended.  

Highschool Of The Dead

Zombies, anyone?
A group of 5 resuorcful students and a teacher are in school when out of nowhere they find themselves right in the middle of a zombie appocolypse. They have to fight their way through and attempt to survive in a world that isn't their own anymore.
I loved the teamwork between the students, how they became fighters and survivors.
If you don't like zombies and a lot of blood... this anime is probably not for you.
So, there is one season of 12 episodes and an OVA. There are no news of a second season.  

Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukuushii

Cute, beaitiful, fun and funny, heartwarming, some action here and there...
This anime is so beaitiful.
Nike, a princess of a faraway rain kingdom is asked (she wasn't given much of a choice, really) to marry the king of the sun kingdom.
I can't say much more because it's so much more fun as things reveal themselves. It's light and cute yet serious and sad at times and It's so good. Highly rccomended.
There is one season with 12 episodes. I'm really hoping for a season 2 (so far no news).  

Skip Beat

This anime will make you laugh and root for the protagonist in her adventure.
Kyoko, a cheerful girl coming to the big city to help make someone else's dreams, is struck by the betreyal of her life. Said betreyal doesn't only change her decisions of the future but her personality as well. To take her revenge, she decides to go into the show biz.
Sounds heavy but this anime isn't heavy at all. It's great fun. I find myself re-watching it every now and then. It's a real shame the anime doesn't have a season 2 (there is one season with 25 episodes). 

Inu X Boku ss

Ririchiyo moves into a mysterious mansion for mysterious reasons, but the mansions and the poeple in the mansion are not what they seem. And so is Ririchiyo.
I went into this anime without knowing much and I think it's best.
There is fantasy. There is a beaitiful romance (not left just with hints) and a great cast of characters.
There is one season with 12 episodes and an OVA.

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

My most favourite romantic-comedy anime.
Oh my goodness... people, you have to watch this one.
The romance... the comedy... the characters... the plot... Usai... misaki...
This anime will make you squeal, ship and completely fangirl.
Oh and... in the pictures misaki looks like a sweet maid but... oh, how misleading it is. Just watch it and you'll understand.
Seriously, go watch it.  

Zero No Tsukaima

Love fantasy? an anime that isn't afraid of taking the romance further than just hinting about it? go watch Zero No Tsukaima right away.
so good.
I would put somewhere on the very top of my favourite anime.
Louise is a magician in a school for magicians set in a magical world. On the ceremony to summon a magical companion familiar, everyone summons a magical familiar but Luoise... seems to have summoned a human.
Saito is from modern day Japan when he's suddenly transported into a magical world he doesn't understand and finds himself having to serve Luoise as her familiar.
Zero no tsukaime has 4 seasons. Seasons one is called Zero No Tsukaima and has 13 episodes. Season 2 is called Zero no tsukaima: Futasuki no Kishi and has 12 episodes. Season 3 is called Zero No tsukaims: princess No Rondo and has 12 episodes and season 4 is called Zero No Tsukaima: F and has 12 episodes.
Zero No Tsukaima is based on light novels written by Noboru Yamaguchi who died 3 years ago (at age 41). R.I.P.   

Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun

Fun, cute and mainly amusing-funny. You'll find yourself laughing out loud plety of times watching this one.
It's a story about first love that goes into unexcpected places.
There are 13 episodes and one OAD.
No news of a second season but I'm hoping for one.
In any case, this anime is a very fun watch. 

Cardcaptor Sakura

Caedaptor Sakura is one of the most beautiful anime I know. This is actually the first Anime I've ever watched. It was about when I was 8. 
Cardcaptor Sakura never gets old. I've been watching it once or twice a year for a few years now and it always feels like the second time all over again. Cardcaptor sakura is something that will stay with me forever. 
cardcaptor sakura tells the tale of the fourth grader sakura kinomoto (the anime takes place between her fourth grade to sixth grade). 
you're probably thinking: a main character this young? Ah... I don't know, I'm 16\18\20... I don't think it's for me. 
Well, let me reassure you: Sakura isn't your regular fourth grader. She's very independant and such a great character. plus, she fights magical entities and goes on to dangerous adventures.
No fourth grader can be called 'regular' for this.
I really think you should try watching cardcaptor sakura. I think it's great for anime beginners as well. And anyway, what's the harm? if you don't like it, you can always stop watching.
Even though the anime aired between 1998-2000, the art style, the characters... everything doesn't seem old fashioned at all. And believe me, I also find it hard to watch anime with art style of a very long time ago. but cardcaptor sakura is on a different level.
So yes.
The anime has 70 episodes (divided to 3 seasons), 3 specials (the first one takes place after episode 35, the second one after episode 53 and the thirs one between episodes 23-35) and 2 movies (the first movie takes place after season 2 and the second movie is an epilouge to the anime that takes place after the last episode - episode 70.  

Zetsuen No Tempest

This anime will make your heart clench. Bittersweet is its name.
Set in an apocalyptic world, Zetsuen to tempest follows two boys as they fight through to find the answer to a mystery concerning them both in ways we learn as the story progresses.
combining qouates from The Tempest by William Shakespear, a heartbreaking romance, a mage stuck on an island, some other mages trying to kill the boys and the boys themselves using magic to solve the mystery... it all makes for an unforgettable story.
Zetsuen no Tempest has 24 episodes (no information of a second season).    


I'm pretty sure Naruto has been on-going since the dawn of time.
Or at least since I was 8 because I can remember seeing it a few times on TV. It probably started before that though.
In any case, this is the kind of epic anime that never gets old. at least not for me. The action and the battles are top notch. The 'I'll never give up' style of Naruto makes for a character you'll keep rooting for forever.
The complicated frienships and relationships... this anime goes from funny to sad to tragic to fun to high-spirited.
I wont lie, Naruto has a lot of episodes. And I do mean a lot. For me it was worth watching them all. If you're looking for an anime that will keep you busy for a while and\or you don't mind an anime with a lot of episodes... well, then, try this one out.
The anime is devided for two parts: Naruto and Naruto Shipudden.
Naruto has 220 episodes, 4 OVAs and 3 movies.
Naruto Shippuden has 457 episodes (so far. but the anime is, sadly, coming to an end soon...), 8 movies and 7 OVAs.

                                              Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun

Hilerious and sweet and I had great time watching this one.
Chiyo, a high school girl, finally gets the courage to confess her feelings to the boy she likes. Things don't go as plan when the boy thinks she confessed for liking his work as a manga artist.
Chiyo finds herself having to roll with it and help the boy with his manga story.
As with most of the anime I so love to watch, this one is full of fun times and a great story.
12 episodes in the first seasons with no news of a season 2 as to yet. 

And I think that concludes my favourite anime post.
What do you think about anime? what are your most favourite anime? tell me all about it.
I hope you enjoyed this post!
See you in my next one! 

P.S: I've been thinking on doing a 'most anticipated movies of 2016'. What do you think? 

"Usually, in a story, when the protagonists end up in another world, they try their best to find a way home, right? Why would they try to go back to a world like that?" 
          -- No Game No Life.

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