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The TV shows Tag

The totally should have book tag I did on magiverse was real fun, and so I decided to do a TV shows tag as well :D
I took the questions in this tag from a blog I found (which I'll be linking down below) with a few alterations of my own.
What are we waiting for, then?
Let's do this thing! 

*Best TV pilot*

There were so many amazing TV pilots, but the most recent and memorable one is definitely Lucifer's pilot.
I did not want it to end. It was one of the best TV shows openings ever. It had everything! An awesome fantasy element, hilarious every few second and an amazing cast of characters.
Seriously, this pilot will get you hooked and swept in right away.
And that accent... never thought I would be the type to swoon over an accent but darn it: *swoon*. 

*Worst TV pilot*

The one that's burned into my memory right now is Legends of tomorrow.
I was so excited for this show. A spin off of The Flash and Arrow? Count me in!
But the pilot... just didn't do it for me. It was, dare I say it, almost boring. I couldn't get into it. The pilot, despite the setting of the world, wasn't very interesting and didn't hook me in or made me want to keep watching.
I know those kind of shows tend to get better as they go along, so I haven't completely given up on the show. The pilot, though... was not so great. 

*Epic series finale*

The original question was 'best series finale' but most of my shows have not yet ended, and there is also a great difference between great and epic.
So anyways, the most epic finale is, no doubt: Merlin.
If you have yet to watch Merlin... well, Merlin is one of the best TV shows EVER. 

*Worst TV shows*

Heroes reborn and Shadowhunters.

Shadohunters: It's not much of a surprise I strongly disliked shadowhunters, as a fan of the books. I never expected to love the movie or the TV show - I know nothing will ever be as good as the books for me - but hating it? I never thought it would be that bad. Both the movie and the TV show were just... *shudders*. The movie was more like a slow paced romantic-drama and the TV show? Let's see... there was insta-love (I hate insta-love), there were two people who call themselves Clary and Jace who did not resemble the real Clary and Jace 
at all; Clary was not the least bit spunky or sarcastic and Jace was extremely serious, which is probably the most shocking thing because the real Jace is almost never serious. There was the whole technology thing in the institute (don't even let me get started on this one), and why is the world did they feel like dressing Isabel in all those way too revealing outfits? The actress who plays Isable is beautiful and I believe also one of the best casting on the show (along with Simon and Alec)... she would have looked amazing in what book-Isabel does and wears. 
I knew things were going from bad to frightening when I started shipping Alec and Clary. Yep, you heard me. TV shows Alec and Clary had way more chemistry than the non-exsistent one of TV show Clary and Jace.
TV show Alec was funny, sarcastic and kickass. In other words, he was everything TV show Jace was supposed to be.

Heroes reborn: Wow, I can't believe they managed to not only destroy Heroes reborn but also the original heroes with this spin-off. But bravo, that's exactly what they did. Most of the new characters were unrelatable and the show basically ruined the lives of the old cast.

*Favorite TV actress\actor*

The cast of TVD (the vampire diaries) and the originals is just plain amazing. They are all some of the best actresses and actors I've seen. Boy, do they know how to act.
Nine Dobrev is one of those fantastic actresses. Some of her best performances: Playing multiple doppelganger, each with their own personality, the scene of her breaking down and burning the house was gut-wrenching. No matter how many times I watch it, my heart clenches and my eyes water.
Another favorite scene: season 4 finale - Damon & Elena "I'm not sorry" speech.   

*A TV show that totally should have not been canceled*

Terra Nova.
One of the best TV shows ever made. It only has one season with 13 episodes and even though it was canceled, it's worth watching every single episode. It's such a unique and fantastic show. I was so frustrated when they canceled it. I heard it was because it was way too expensive. Whatever the case may be, ever since then I've never seen a show like this one. I really hope they'll do a remake\continue it or at least make another show like it someday. 

*Favorite MC couples*

Hello everyone, my name is Zoey and I'm a shipper.
Thought I should mention it in passing, you know...
My favorite ships? Hmm... Let's see...
So there is Delena (Damon & Elena) - LOVE this couple. They are forever and ever and ever.
There is Olicity (Oliver & Felicity) - those two are so good and cute together. Yet Felicity is being so annoyingly stubborn lately (Grr!) and it's a real frustration on the show right now between the two of them.
Emma & Hook (which I believe are called captain swan (?) ) - I love this couple. I was rooting for them but never knew if they'll really be a thing and when they did... I was so happy. They are beautiful together.
Sky & Ward - Oh yes, those tow... I was rooting and rooting and rooting for them so badly and when they finally happened (in such a swoon worthy moment), I was ecstatic! And then - and this is a big then - the showrunners decided, for no apparent reason, to ruin all that. And they are still ruining this ship to this day. The end.
Bellarke (Bellamy & Clarck) - same thing as with Sky & Ward. I was rooting and rooting and rooting and then... the showrunners... *sigh*. Don't prevails, though - there is hope to them yet. It's Sky & Ward that are pretty much doomed by now.
I have so many more ships but It'll take a whole new post for all of them (perhaps I would do one sometime). 

*Favorite SC couple*

My right now favorite secondary characters couple is Kolvina (Kol & Devina from the originals). I love them so much. They are so sweet and cute and innocent (yeah, maybe not the last one, considering they both killed people and all, but when they're together... It feels so innocent). Their devotion and love for each other, their chemistry and connection... they're meant to be.
I'm shipping them, no matter what. 

*TV crush*

We all had - and still have - those, haven't we? ;)
I'm a book addict, which means I have book boyfriends (Ha! who needs real people when I have awesome fictional ones? Not me, that's for sure). But even I, a loyal book reader, am not immune to real life TV characters from time to time. 

*Favorite shows of all time*

Doctor who.
Three of the most EPIC shows EVER.

*A show I regret watching*

I never regret a book I read of a show I watched. I can be sad or mad about it but never regret it.

*Favorite animated show*

Avatar the last airbender.
If you're in my blog for a while, you probably know I'm also a big anime fan. Avatar the last airbender it technically an animation (there is indeed a huge difference between anime and animation) but it's so much better than your regular animation. First things first, it doesn't have that weird style animations usually have. I actually thought it was an anime until I checked it out.
Avatar the last airbender has some of the best\funniest moments. I've LOL(ed) so hard so many times (!).
I highly recommend you to check this out (especially if you're into anime). 

*Character whose wardrobe I'd most like to steal*

Mary Queen of scots (from Reign). I mean, just look at those dresses, guys!
I'm usually immune to fashion (a side effect of being a bookworm, and I won't change that for anything in the world), but there is fashion and then there is what Mary wears.
I could honestly have watched that show just for the wardrobe (Luckily, the show was even more interesting than the wardrobe, so there was no problem in that department).
Only problem is: even if I got my hands on this wardrobe, it's not exactly something you can waltz in the 21st century with. Darn it.
A time machine, anyone?

*A show I'd most like to be in its world*

That's a tough one.
The kind of shows I watch... people tend to get killed. A lot.
Okay, I know which one! Doctor who. Definitely Doctor who!
I've always dreamed of being the doctor's companion :D
Then again, I also always dreamed of getting a letter from Hogwarts and that never happened.
That moment when you find out fictional things will never happen to you...

This is the blog I took this tag from (with a few alterations of my own).
And that concludes my TV shows tag (:
I had great time writing it. I hope you had great time reading it.
I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

**I'm having a book giveaway on my other blog Magiverse. Enter for your chance to win!** 

I'll see you in my next post... 

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"You want to know something weird? Every time you pick up your sword, I get the feeling you're going to attack me with it."
He laughed. "this 
is weird, because every time I pick up my sword, I have this urge to attack you with it."
         -- Zoey River (from a story I'm working on) 

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